Wife Seeking Miracle Worker

Have you heard the one about the girl who had trouble getting pregnant and then she went to see (insert ‘miracle worker’ here) and miraculously the next month they were pregnant?

These stories are plentiful in my life and are offerings of hope from friends, family, and strangers…. but to be frank, I am tired of hearing them…not because they aren’t true, but because they aren’t true for me.

Potential ‘miracle workers’ on my adventure include:

  • My doctor
  • Fertility Specialist
  • Naturopath
  • Acupuncturist
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Chiropractor
  • BodyTalk Practitioner

During my quest for the fertility cure, I was disappointed (*cough* naturopath)…in other cases I found gentle souls who provide indescribable support and comfort (Acupuncturist, BodyTalk). My biggest surprise…is my friend-recommended chiropractor….while his back cracking/adjusting approach is mainly about bringing my body into alignment, he is also looking at my whole system and deciphering my hormone and vitamin deficiencies to help bring my body back into normal ranges (now that is a well spent $50 every two weeks).

While my cure seeking attitude could be getting in my way of relaxing and letting go of this whole rollercoaster…science says there are benefits to needles, vitamins, herbs and energy therapy. So really, I see that through these miracle workers I am also holding on to hope. Each one of them is like a rung on a hope ladder. I don’t need all of them…but some of them keep me from falling into the unknown abyss.

Today we got the call from our fertility clinic saying that I am now eligible to participate in next months IVF cycle. It brings up so many feelings – relief, nerves, terror, excitement – I don’t think there are enough adjectives in the dictionary to cover the range of emotions I felt today between the phone call and now.

Maybe my miracle worker is closer than I thought….

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