Clean Teeth: An Infertility Bonus

Damn my teeth are clean! I looked in the mirror this morning and I saw pearly whites surrounded by light pink gums. This reflection is rather amazing considering my track record for the majority of my life has been less than stellar teeth surrounded by red gums. I always brushed…it was just a result of a life long battle with allergies and breathing through my mouth while sleeping.

My dentist understood my battle with night time breathing and reassured me everything was good and to keep doing my best. I always assumed I did my best, but obviously that was no match for my “I will try everything to get pregnant” mind-set.

I am sure everyone reading this blog has also read that conception/pregnancy tip article that draws a correlation around healthy teeth and gums and getting pregnant. This is the same article that also encourages us to eat healthy, exercise and give up caffeine….just google “tips for getting pregnant” and it pops up right away.

Well, after reading numerous variations of that article for a year with no baby in sight…a whole new teeth brushing, flossing, Listerine-swilling woman was born. I became a teeth cleaning machine.regime I invested in the best motorized toothbrush and then went into battle using it twice a day. Along with brushing, I flossed and swished with Listerine after every fanatical cleaning.

The result…healthy gums and clean teeth. My trips to the dentist under my new regime is an effortless float in and out of the office versus my old walk of shame. With each visit, the new dental hygienist quickly becomes my biggest cheerleader – with oooh and aaahs – while my dentist praises the health of my mouth.

I can say that there are very few bonuses in the world of infertility, but for me…well, clean teeth and pink gums…has been one small silver lining.

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