Lessons from Food Poisoning

The last weekend in June was set to be one of those ultimate summer weekends with good friends, good weather and good times. Instead I was sidelined to the couch with a nasty bout of food poisoning that still has me struggling to find my regular self.

Now, I have a love for sushi….wait, stop, correction…I [had] a love for sushi. For my husband sushi is low on his list of go-to’s…so it is an ultimate treat when he willingly suggests a trip to my favourite restaurant. It’s my regular haunt…everything tasted fine; in hindsight eerily we were the only 2 people in the place and the temperature was extraordinarily warm. But then our city was in the middle of a heat wave so everything was a little extra warm those days.

Food Poisoning

Within a few hours, I commented on my funny stomach and within 12 hours I had a new found relationship with our bathroom. I attempted to pull it together and headed to work…but I lasted all of 10 minutes in the office before I packed up everything and headed back home. And that is exactly where I stayed for four long weekend days. On. The. Couch.

Fast forward…here it is 10 days after the initial sushi attack and I am still not quite myself. What is there to learn from this? Well, food poisoning sucks. Our weekend adventure didn’t happen as we planned and sometimes there is nothing we can do to fix it but ride out the storm. Sadly, the cure for this food poisoning diagnosis is patience and time; any attempt to rush feeling better hasn’t done anything to improve the situation.

It makes me realize that this same observation can be made for struggling with infertility. Like food poisoning…infertility sucks. There are many things in life that don’t go as planned…or I would have been pregnant 3 years ago. My attempts to rush to get pregnant or find quick fixes haven’t worked. The reality of this situation is that I will be a mother…but time and patience is necessary here too.

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