Body Talk….Body What???


As I sit near the eve of our 2nd IVF, I can’t help but look back on how far I have come. We started our journey in July 2012…within a year we recognized we needed help….a quick three month waiting list later we took our first trip to a specialist in December 2013. Through 2014, I spent half the year on Clomid trying it on its own for three cycles and then again in conjunction with three IUI’s. We attend our first IVF seminar by October 2104 with the thought….”holy s*#$! That is not for me.” By November, we had digested that IVF was a really good option and signed on to wait for our first chance at treatment. By February 2015 we were off to the races and by March it was over and I was deflated with a negative result.

While that is just the treatment regimen, there was also an emotional ride over the years too. I have been hopeful, fearful, confused, anxious, sad, joyful and, literally, depressed. Anyone that tells you infertility is just about the treatments has no idea what they are talking about. Infertility is a wild ride through a range of emotions and by far these emotions are the hardest pill to swallow.

Between various treatment plans, I looked into various alternative treatments as everyone has heard the story about the girl who went to see (insert Miracle Worker here) and got pregnant. After all, I too am that girl, right? I have written about by Naturopath experience, a little about my acupuncturist and chiropractor. I have never written about Body Talk; perhaps because Body Talk, in my mind, is a little out there as it is such a young form of treatment….and didn’t want any added judgement of my treatment choices. Body Talk has only been around for 20 years….technically, it is younger than IVF!

As much as I would love to explain it for you all, I can’t even begin to describe it as I don’t quite understand it. My most basic level of understanding is that through a series of taps, Body Talk is a whole-healthcare system that supports and promotes the wellbeing of any person (here is a link if you would like to learn more).

What I can tell you is that of any treatment I have done, Body Talk is the one that has given me a profound release from the emotional ride of this journey. When I look back on the ride and all my cra’ cra’ thoughts, I can definitely see a distinct before and after progression from before the treatment to after. In total, I have gone three or four times since last December….so not a hectic “see me next week” treatment plan. Rather it has been a little more casual with a “see me when you feel like it’s time.”

During a session a variety of items come up and are addressed and at the end of each session I am incredibly relaxed. I credit my calmed head, feelings of acceptance, and my ability to carry on after a negative IVF result to Body Talk. Truth be told, I don’t think this blog would exist if I hadn’t gone to a session and discussed my need for a creative outlet and my dream to write about something closer to my heart than corporate communications. It was Body Talk that planted the seed for sharing this journey and led me to such a supportive community online.

Now, I am not saying this treatment is for everyone…and by no means am I the girl that went to Body Talk and got pregnant. Somehow though, Body Talk has given me a sense of peace that I don’t think I would have found any other way. Was it the body tapping she does, or was it the keyboard therapy I found, maybe it was just time healing wounds…bottom line, Body Talk helped me in some small way. For that, I am grateful.

4 thoughts on “Body Talk….Body What???

  1. Im so glad this program is working well for u. Thank u for sharing it. I went to the site and tried to watch the video, but since I am on my phone i dont have the capacity needed. I plan to check it out on my home computer when i can!
    You are so right-anyone who thinks IVF is just physical is so wrong. The emotional piece is def the hardest of all. So glad u decided to blog, friend.

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