IVF #2: Transfer Day…2+2=1?

So there it was Day 3 since the retrieval and my legs are back up in the stirrups. The only difference this time is instead of taking something out, they were putting something back in (woot! woot!). While this may seem like an obvious step in the IVF process, any veteran knows that anything can happen and unfortunately some lovely couples don’t make it to this step at all. So, needless to say, I am grateful we got to cross the finish line again.

For this IVF round, we decided on transferring two embryos (an eight cell and a 10 cell). Truth be told, we could have taken a gamble at a Day 5 transfer according to the lab…but considering this is likely my last fresh IVF cycle…I am greedy this time around and trying to maximize my chances by transferring two at Day 3; we will hope and pray that the other two left in the lab make it to freeze.

I was flattered…it was a day full of compliments…the embryologist said our two selected for transfer were looking good and scoring well, the nurse said I had a nicely filled bladder, and my RE said my uterus is lovely. All good things to hear when your legs are up in stirrups and your privates are on display for an eager crowd. It’s rather surreal, there was a time when I was stressed about even having a male doctor…now, it’s like I sell tickets to the circus act of my uterus. There is no judgement as to who wants to join the party and I am the first person to say, “Oh you have a friend in town? Bring them by, the more the merrier!”

The transfer was run of the mill, at least from my limited experience. There were no roadblocks to be seen or “ooops!” to be heard. By the time I was back to my recliner to rest for 30 minutes it felt like any other day again. Even the bloating and discomfort was mostly gone…must mean it’s time to celebrate!


So now we wait…September 11th…a day with so much meaning will also be our beta test day. I will hope and pray for the next two weeks that this year my husband and I can redefine the meaning of September 11th in our lives.


17 thoughts on “IVF #2: Transfer Day…2+2=1?

  1. *raising hand* Um yes! I have the same feeling about my stuff on show. It aint no thang now! Just like talking about my cycle to complete strangers. Praying for you and your two embies!!


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