VIP for IVF & IUI folks: Bravelle Recall

Some may know this already but I just learned today that Bravelle, the drug that is subcutaneously injected to stimulate egg production during infertility treatment, has been recalled in the United States for anyone who took it between March 27, 2014, and October 2015. Per Ferring’s letter that my RE provided a copy of to […]

13 thoughts on “VIP for IVF & IUI folks: Bravelle Recall

  1. I had not heard about this recall. This is extremely upsetting. Thank you so much for passing along this information. I was so disappointed with my egg count, and now I can’t help but wonder if this is why it wasn’t higher. The ramifications of this dosing error goes far beyond refunding us the cost of their drugs…

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  2. Thanks for re-posting! Leah – I agree!! I do hear there’s talk of a class-action lawsuit as the momentum builds on this so we’ll see…it needs to be shared with media outlets as I would never have known – the manufacturer doesn’t even talk about it on their website (at least anywhere I could find!!)…scary…

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