What is “Uncomfortable Optimism”?

Have you ever set a goal in life? Of course we all have…some goals can be “slam dunks” or “easy targets”…while others can be on the other side of the spectrum and be “beyond reach” or “impossible.” The trick for setting great goals, is to aim for something that may seem impossible but is also completely attainable with perseverance.

When we commit ourselves to goals that feel beyond our grasp, my experience is that there is also a strong feeling that accompanies it. The feeling evokes frustration, physical discomfort and can even bring stress and fear of failure. I know it as the pit in my stomach or that feeling of ‘squirming in my chair’ in anticipation.  img_2895

For us starting a family once upon a time seemed completely attainable, but after months and months and years of failure at trying and failed fertility treatments it is now a goal that can feel out of reach. My outlook is to remain positive and continue to set our sights on making the impossible possible; in turn my goal of starting a family is in the spectrum of “uncomfortable optimism”.


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